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Yarrow Community School

4595 Wilson Road

This is on school property – not a City of Chilliwack facility

Updated May 2024


Number of courts: 1
Number of parking spots: parking lot at north end of the school – 

     north gate is open outside of school hours and on weekends
Practice wall:  no
Pickleball lines on courts: no

Court surface composition: Asphalt (no acrylic top coat)

Court surface condition: good
Condition of nets/posts: fair
Condition of Lines: good

Benches: no

Tennis court signage: none
Nearby public amenities:  none



  • Located on school property, behind the school

  • court is oriented east-west

  • in a multi-use court that includes basketball & 4-square boxes

  • basketball hoops are placed about 4 feet inside of the back fences – a safety concern when playing tennis

  • Surface is good quality asphalt (small aggregate, smooth, no cracks)

  • The fibreglass end dowels are missing from the ends of the net, so it is not secured to the end posts (i.e. is not pulled taut, rides loosely on the top cable)

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