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Portage Park

 46490 Portage Avenue

Updated February 2024


Number of courts: 4
Number of parking spots: on-street only.
Practice wall: no
Pickleball lines on courts: no

Court surface composition: asphalt with acrylic top coat
Court surface condition: good
Condition of nets/posts: good
Condition of Lines: good

Benches: 2 wooden benches on each side fence

Tennis court signage: yes, for tennis/pickleball
Nearby public amenities: locked restrooms, security code required to unlock



  • In a neighbourhood park with children’s playground, multi-use court, picnic tables, walking trails

  • Large shade trees on south end of courts

  • Fencing is good; all 10’ high, 2 entrances into court area

  • Court spacing is good

  • Surface becoming worn from pressure washing; some scratches, tears and burn marks from skateboards and power scooters

  • Net posts are pulling up and cracking the asphalt

  • Nets are in good condition, no tears or major damage

  • Parking on Woodbine Street & Portage Avenue; 3 parking spots at the end of Mackin Avenue

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