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Watson Glen Park

 5745 Tyson Road

Updated May 2024


Number of courts: 4
Number of parking spots: ample parking, shared with library, ice rink, park
Practice wall: no
Pickleball lines on courts: no

Court surface composition: asphalt with acrylic top coat
Court surface condition: good
Condition of nets/posts: good

Condition of Lines: good

Benches: 4 - 1 wooden bench on each side fence

Tennis court signage: no
Nearby public amenities: outdoor, locked restrooms at the ice rink; security code required to unlock; 5-minute walk to tennis courts



  • in Watson Glen Park, close to ice rinks, library, walking trails, multi-use courts

  • situated at the base of a hill to the west that’s covered with deciduous trees which drop a lot of leaves on the courts in the Fall, (bring along your broom or leaf blower)

  • courts are situated in a low spot in the park (were completely flooded in November 2021)

  • court configuration: 4 courts - 2 are fenced together on each side of a wide asphalt walkway

  • Court spacing ?spacing between/around to confirm?

  • Fencing: excellent, strong, high; 2 entrances into each set of 2 courts

  • surface is starting to wear off from pressure washing

  • tearing along the bottom of some nets; centre straps frequently missing so nets blow back and forth across the surface

Note: one net post in southwest court has been seriously bent

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