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Ashwell Park - 45372 Lenora Crescent

Updated February 2024

Number of courts: one
Number of parking spots: on-street only
Practice wall: Yes (see notes below)
Pickleball lines on courts: Yes
Court surface composition: asphalt (no acrylic top coat)
Court surface condition: poor
Condition of nets/posts: fair 
Condition of Lines: poor, wearing off
Benches: none
Tennis court signage: no
Nearby public amenities: none

- in a small neighbourhood park, surrounded by houses-
- good practice wall - accessible from 2 sides; 10‘ high x 50’ wide, outside area is 34’ x 50’
- significant cracks. Surface is deteriorating, bumpy
- Fencing height - - 5 ½’ high at sides, 10' at ends, 20' from end of courts, 10' from side of court
- 2 hockey nets permanently installed on what was originally a second tennis court

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