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Sardis Secondary School

45460 Stevenson Road

This is on school property – not a City of Chilliwack facility

Updated April 2024


Number of courts: 4
Number of parking spots:  school parking lot
Practice wall:  originally, but not accessible now?
Pickleball lines on courts: 3 courts, on 1 ½ tennis courts

Court surface composition: originally asphalt with acrylic top coat
Court surface condition: fair
Condition of nets/posts: fair
Condition of Lines:  fair, starting to fade

Benches: 2 (between courts)

Tennis court signage: no
Nearby public amenities:  none



  • acrylic top coat has mostly worn off

  • cracks in several places, around net posts, centre net strap pins, etc.

  • bottom stitching on nets is starting to deteriorate

  • spacing: 24’ between courts, 22’ behind courts

  • practice wall in separate enclosure at west end of courts (now a storage area?)

  • enclosure at east end of courts – any balls going over the fence and into this area are irretrievable

  • fencing is good, but entry door is low and doesn’t open properly

  • Construction of a 2-story addition to the school is underway. A portable classroom has been erected on one tennis court, and will remain until the construction is completed.

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