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Here's what's happening this summer!

2024 August tourney Website invite.png

Registration for the tournament is now full.
We do need a few ladies on our Spares list.
If you're interested, please click the
REGISTER button above

Outdoor Evening Tennis Drop-in Sessions

This year the city agreed to let us rent 4 courts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
This will provide guaranteed time and space for more of our members to play, and for us to work with and help new players.
All Drop-In sessions will be "loosely" organized - no sign up; no players lists; everyone who shows up PLAYS!
Players will form doubles groups, play short sets, and re-group a few times over the course of the evening. This gives people the opportunity to play with a variety of other players.
We need several volunteers to take turns as “Session Hosts” and keep the system working smoothly.
We are also looking for volunteers who would be willing to give up a little time to play with and help new players.
We hope to build a strong feeling of “club” at our evening drop-in sessions, where our members have an opportunity to play with different people, and new players are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

                               If you are interested in volunteering as a
                                 host or helper at the evening drop-ins,

           It would be great to have 4 - 5 volunteers to take turns each evening!

Evening outdoor schedule 2024.png
Morning outdoor schedule 2024.png
Tennis Ladder.png

The CTS Tennis Ladders have begun
- you can still sign up

The CTS is hosting a mixed singles ladder and a

mixed doubles ladder this summer.
To sign up, go to Tennis Rungs at:


It's free for members and $10 for non-members to join.
That $10 is your membership fee for the remainder of this membership year - June-July.

When you join, please fill in and submit a CTS Membership form on our website.

Payments can be paid via Etransfer - for payment details

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Brent to get started in the ladder or at any point this year.

Once you've signed up, you can send emails to Brent through

                    the Tennis Rungs app and website.

Make friends, play hard and have fun!

Brent Bowker

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