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Greendale Elementary School

6621 Sumas Prairie Road

This is on school property – not a City of Chilliwack facility

Updated February 2024


Number of courts: 1
Number of parking spots: on road & in school parking lot
Practice wall:  yes
Pickleball lines on courts: no

Court surface composition: asphalt (no acrylic top coat)
Court surface condition: poor
Condition of nets/posts: poor
Condition of Lines:  good

Benches: no

Tennis court signage: yes
Nearby public amenities:  none



  • between the elementary school and the park; hockey and basketball on 2 courts, there is a children’s playground to the south of the court area

  • fencing is 10’ high on side and one end; practice wall at other end of court

  • approximately 6' of gravel at north end of courts, between the asphalt and the back fence

  • good practice wall at south end of courts - 26' away from the back of the court

  • court surface is deteriorating & gravelly, could be a safety issue

  • net posts are old and rusty

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